DÄV: Gewalt in Gonder & mehr


Ethnische Morde in Nord Gonder: „The attackers opened fire in ambush and killed members of security forces. The other members of the attacking group murdered six innocent farmers who were travelling on a Minibus at place called Gint, near Chilga town. The farmers were gunned down after their ethnic background was identified.“ Die Morde werden dem Kimant Commmitee zugeschrieben - ebenso wie 12 anschließend ermodete Soldaten. Daraufhin gibt es eine US-Sicherheitswarnung: „The US government issued a security alert to its citizens in Ethiopia following ‘reports of gunfire, roadblocks and the destruction of property’ in and around the city of Gondar in Amhara region. This follows recent reports of unrest and severe firefights coming out of the area.“ Die Regionalregierung weiß sich allein nicht meghr zu helfen und bitte die föderale Armee um Hilfe: „The force will be active in the region particularly in Central and West Gondar, Gondar city, as well as in the Qimant administrative areas. In this regard, the security force has been given the mandated to take, “Any forceful and proportional measures,” against any forces operating in the aforementioned areas.“

"Statement from the council accuses the Qimant Self Determination and Identity Committee of employing unconstitutional means to “impose its will over the [Qimant nation]” and the regional government; but it also admits that counter measures taken by the regional state security to combat these activities have resulted in damages. It further admitted that the unrest since September 26, 2019 that occurred in Central and Western Gonder, the city of Gonder and the Qimant administration areas, which, according to media reports, has claimed the lives of at least 22 people, as an indication of counter measure damages. It also said that “informally organized forces” who were engaged in “anti-peace activities” were taking advantage of the situation."


Mindestens drei Menschen sterben bei Schießereien in einer Kleinstadt in der North Shewa Zone (Amhara). Behörden machen den militärischen Arm der OLF verantwortlich.

Sicherheitsgefährdende Jugend in Dire Dawa: "Ethiopia’s eastern city of Dire Dawa has witnessed a two-day security problem during which one person was killed and many others wounded over the last weekend. In a briefing on Monday, Government Communications Affairs Bureau of the city administration said the security problems mainly involved fighting between organized youth groups, accompanied by knives in places called Qefira, Dechatuna and Amistegna."

In Wollega kämpft angeblich die nationale Armee gegen OLF.